The Real Housewives of New Jersey brings out the crazy on Twitter! Part 2 :)


Ex housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub launched an all out attack on all her former castmates! The most confusing part is that Danielle was asked by Andy Cohen to return to the show, yet she declined three times! Not sure what her problem is, but why return to a show now when you hate all the other women?!


Now that Danielle is ready to rejoin the show she has been on a twitter campaign to get fans to see the “truth” about all the others.


Danielle telling fans that Jacqueline Laurita told her that Dina and Caroline did not speak to one of their brothers’ Joe for 12 yrs until his son passed away. This is beyond sad to repeat. True or not.


Danielle says Jac told her Dina spends her charity money on herself. (old rumour)  Dina has proved otherwise with records in the past that this was not true.


Danielle talking about Jacqueline’s own bankruptcy problems, and that it’s Jacqueline’s “Karma”


Here you can see Danielle interacting with fans, telling them that Jac is a “wacko” so if that’s the case, why should we believe anything that Jac has told her ?? It’s obvious Jac likes to stir up trouble and lie.

Danielle wasn’t done, she decided to take shots at other Housewives including Dina, Teresa, Melissa, Amber, even the twins who just joined the show!

Danielle telling fans that Dina’s only story line this season will be Danielle, that will be interesting to see, if it happens…which we’ve seen in previews isn’t the case.


According to Danielle, all of the New Jersey Housewives lives are in fact her business.

Next up on the list, as she “Rounds ’em up” is Teresa Giudice.


Danielle retweeted that Teresa’s court cases were her “Karma”  IMG_0421

A confused follower asked her why she was attacking Teresa all of a sudden and that was her reply. If you follow Danielle on twitter she was ok towards Teresa for some time this past year.


Danielle then retweeted a comment that she agreed with, that Teresa’s kids were “disrespectful” and “mouthy” on camera.

Then in an ironic twist someone had made a comment about her kids and Danielle got very offended! I have to agree kids should be off limits! Including Teresa’s kids!


Next up on the list for Danielle’s light and love twitter campaign was Melissa and Joe Gorga.



In a strange twist, next up on her hit list were the twins, who have only recently joined the show this season, and have no prior relationship with Danielle!


I guess not everyone is as excited as the fans are for the new season!!


Not wanting to be left out of the drama, Rosie “i’ll cut your tongue out” Pierri was retweeting anything positive about herself and her sister Kathy in hopes to boost her bruised ego since Kathy’s role on RHONJ has been diminished. Rosie also threw a few digs at her cousin premiere night by making sure to show love to everyone on the show except for her  cousin Teresa!




New Jersey Housewives really do bring out the crazy and this is only the first episode!! Can only imagine what’s in store for the rest of the season!!

Thanks for Reading!… Until next time Jen XO





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