Richard Wakile calls woman’s deceased father a pedophile!


It looks like another ex cast mate of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is (once again) having a Twitter Meltdown!! A few fans of the show were having a conversation about the Wakiles, and how they would not be famous if it wasnt for their cousin the breakout star of #RHONJ-Teresa Giudice!

Rich did not take to the comment very well, and he took it to a new low~ Rich decided to attack the tweeter’s (@TB5977) twitter avi of her as a child with her now deceased Father and he has caused quite the controversy with fans of the show.  – See Below.


Here is  the comment that was made that set Rich Wakile off the rails. He then made a statement back about her father being a pedophile, which he later deleted but was captured by screenshot.


In regards to @TB5977 ‘s Twitter avi.


The picture is of @TB5977 ‘s deceased father who passed away when she was 9 years old. Very odd to have such a strong reaction to such a little comment. The crime doesn’t fit the punishment. A very cruel response. I have also lost my Father and would be very upset if someone were to make such a nasty comment in regards to his character. For the record, Rich has also lost his Father.

Tweeter’s became upset (including myself) and sent Rich some tweets, in hopes he would apologize.






He still has not apologized.

Rosie Pierri who is Rich Wakile’s sister in law was on her own twitter timeline having a meltdown and blaming the fans again, who she claims are all angry and hateful!




Apparently it is ok to call people a D*ck and a p*ssy and someone’s deceased father a pedophile on a Sunday, but not ok for anyone to say anything else.


Yes, Rosie we will all make sure to take advice from you on how our hearts need to be examined while you and your brother in law continue to spread hate. Thank you for the tip. Instead of a proper apology which anyone with a conscious would be compelled to do, Rich made it clear she got what she deserved.


Rosie and the tweeter had this to say and I have to say this is the only advice I will be taking from her.


I ask you all to take a second and pray for Rosie and Rich Wakile. They need it more than any of us.

Rosie known to have many violent outburst in the past, also made it clear she would meet this tweeter @leopard_Man_ any time and any place, so she can physically attack him!! Examine yourselves people because the fans are the problem according to her logic.


UPDATED**** Kathy Wakile must have seen what twitter was saying about her husband and had this to say in response!


Thanks for Reading… Until next time JenXO


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  1. Karma
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 02:02:04

    These people Richie, Rosie & Kathy are vile disgusting people look at the way they treat their family members their not going to be nice to people on twitter Bravo should fire the Wakilies & Rosie



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  5. @tb5977
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 16:57:49

    Jen – first let me thank you for writing this and bringing awareness to the deplorable behavior of this man. While I realize my responses to him weren’t ladylike or positive (something I try to always be) I did feel justified with saying what I did. I came out swinging, which I think anyone would have had it been about their father. My father was an extraordinary man and he was my world, so having lost him at such a young age was very difficult for me. Knowing Rich lost his own father it boggles my mind that he would make such a reckless remark to someone over such a small comment (which was my personal opinion and frankly I believe to be the truth – had it not been for Teresa, I highly doubt the producers would have sought out a gas station attendant and cannoli maker to be on the show – which clearly to me is their only talent). Nor would he appreciate someone saying that to his daughter about childhood pictures that were taken of him and her. What continues to astound me that some of these celebrities who take liberties with fans of the shows that no normal person would, nor would they say what they do to any of our faces, rather they use the power of their keyboard to hide behind. The basic truth is without the fans these people don’t have a show (no watchers) can’t sell their products they relentlessly plug on the shows (no buyers) so why alienate people in this manner? I tried to shake the stupid stick at it, but it didn’t pass the test. I even took the high road last night when a few tweeters started picking on his wife and family – I didn’t feel it was appropriate or fair to take jabs at his family because he’s such a senseless jerk and stated as such. Two wrongs don’t make a right and denigrating someone because of another’s actions is just wrong.
    I’ve watched Rich take swipes at numerous people over the last several years. Mostly women (some men) but the majority are women. You mention an apology in your blog – honestly I don’t need one. I KNOW who my father was, what kind of man he was (a hard worker who provided for his family and also a veteran of WWII who was awarded numerous medals for serving his country). He’s a man who taught me right from wrong, good from bad and how to treat people with honesty and respect. I don’t think Rich can say the same thing about himself; as it’s clearly evident from the way his children tweet and his wife condones not only his behavior but that of his children. This behavior speaks VOLUMES about the caliber of their integrity and the values of which they are raising their children. If an apology is forthcoming – I’d like to see one not for me but for the numerous women he has insulted, called ugly, told them to “F” off, etc. The list is long but I think @plainviewsue; @supertrehugger; @missamiasays; @claudia65; @leopard_man (just to name a few – I could go on forever) are the ones who really deserve an apology.
    Thanks again for writing this and to everyone and anyone (I might have missed a few tweets here and there – it was a busy day ) who stood up for me yesterday and called him out online – thank you from the bottom of my heart – I went to sleep last night knowing that the world is a better place because all of you are in it. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  6. NJQueen1 (@NJQueen1)
    Jul 28, 2014 @ 23:36:00


    My father, too, was a proud veteran of WWII, so from one vet’s daughter to another – you are a class act. Thank you.



  7. RealityTvScandals.COM (@MissAmiaSays)
    Jul 29, 2014 @ 02:02:29

    I want to apologize to blog owner, I did not realize until I finished my post the first time yesterday and did NOT realize that you had done this post.
    I took my original post down and just documented past events.

    TB5977, don’t let this define or take over your twitter. I know it’s hurtful for this disgusting “man” to say this, but we have to not harass him and do the right thing so when places decide to sponsor the Wakiles we can show them why they should not.



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