Kathy responds to Rich calling woman’s deceased father a pedophile!


Another day, another drama in Jersey! Yesterday we posted a story about Rich Wakile calling a woman’s deceased father a pedophile! You can read it here:https://lopezjlo.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/richard-wakile-calls-womans-deceased-father-a-pedophile/

The internet site Twitter was buzzing about the comment to @Tb5977 on twitter that her deceased father was in fact a pedophile.



The reason that Rich had such a strong reaction to this tweeter was over this tweet she had made.



None of the comments seemed to be in favour of Rich Wakile’s behaviour. This is not the first time Richard has taken shots at fans of the show, but then he usually deletes his comments in order to appear innocent.

Kathy must have got wind yesterday about the situation and she had this to say to anyone who has an issue with her husband and his reckless comment!




What a poor example for Kathy to not only condone Rich’s (overboard) reaction to his critics, but it shows her kids it’s ok to say horrible things to people as long as they deserve it, and you feel they started it. Bravo, Kathy!

I wonder what Teresa Giudice would think about Kathy condoning Rich’s words towards women, since Teresa has been on his receiving end before.


The only man who is a coward is Rich Wakile for not taking responsibility for his words and apologizing. A coward, who says horrible things to random women then he deletes it.


Yes indeed, show some class. Say what you want about Teresa, but I have never seen her respond with hate to any mean Twitter comments. She gets her fair share too.

Once again please I urge you all to join me and pray for the Wakiles. They need it most.


Thanks for Reading..until next time..

Jen XO



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  1. @tb5977
    Jul 29, 2014 @ 04:55:08

    Jen – first let me thank you for writing this and bringing awareness to the deplorable behavior of this man. While I realize my responses to him weren’t ladylike or positive (something I try to always be) I did feel justified with saying what I did. I came out swinging, which I think anyone would have had it been about their father. My father was an extraordinary man and he was my world, so having lost him at such a young age was very difficult for me. Knowing Rich lost his own father it boggles my mind that he would make such a reckless remark to someone over such a small comment (which was my personal opinion and frankly I believe to be the truth – had it not been for Teresa, I highly doubt the producers would have sought out a gas station attendant and cannoli maker to be on the show – which clearly to me is their only talent). Nor would he appreciate someone saying that to his daughter about childhood pictures that were taken of him and her. What continues to astound me that some of these celebrities who take liberties with fans of the shows that no normal person would, nor would they say what they do to any of our faces, rather they use the power of their keyboard to hide behind. The basic truth is without the fans these people don’t have a show (no watchers) can’t sell their products they relentlessly plug on the shows (no buyers) so why alienate people in this manner? I tried to shake the stupid stick at it, but it didn’t pass the test. I even took the high road last night when a few tweeters started picking on his wife and family – I didn’t feel it was appropriate or fair to take jabs at his family because he’s such a senseless jerk and stated as such. Two wrongs don’t make a right and denigrating someone because of another’s actions is just wrong.
    I’ve watched Rich take swipes at numerous people over the last several years. Mostly women (some men) but the majority are women. You mention an apology in your blog – honestly I don’t need one. I KNOW who my father was, what kind of man he was (a hard worker who provided for his family and also a veteran of WWII who was awarded numerous medals for serving his country). He’s a man who taught me right from wrong, good from bad and how to treat people with honesty and respect. I don’t think Rich can say the same thing about himself; as it’s clearly evident from the way his children tweet and his wife condones not only his behavior but that of his children. This behavior speaks VOLUMES about the caliber of their integrity and the values of which they are raising their children. If an apology is forthcoming – I’d like to see one not for me but for the numerous women he has insulted, called ugly, told them to “F” off, etc. The list is long but I think @plainviewsue; @supertrehugger; @missamiasays; @claudia65; @leopard_man (just to name a few – I could go on forever) are the ones who really deserve an apology.
    Thanks again for writing this and to everyone and anyone (I might have missed a few tweets here and there – it was a busy day ) who stood up for me yesterday and called him out online – thank you from the bottom of my heart – I went to sleep last night knowing that the world is a better place because all of you are in it. ❤ ❤ ❤



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